Scar Camouflage

The process of camouflaging scars is a simple process of blending natural pigment colours into the discoloured area. The final result dramatically reduces the appearance of scars. This procedure is popular to conceal face-lift scars, stretchmark’s, surgical and accidental related scars. Conceal burns or scars, all to help create a natural look.

Vitiligo Camouflage

This is a dermatological condition which can vary from patches of skin discoloration and pigment destruction, to one or two white spots on the skin to large areas of depigmentation. Permanent makeup can camouflage this spots to make it less visible.

Colour Corrections

We can do any colour corrections and fix shapes of old permanent makeup procedures. This might take time and may need more than one procedure.

Areola (Nipple) Reconstruction

After surgery, such as breast augmentation, the areola and nipple area of the breast can become lighter over time or following surgery. Areola reconstruction brings back the natural look for the areola/nipple.


Alopecia is the lacking of hair where it would usually grow, especially on the head. Permanent makeup can fill in these patches by colouring the skin or imitate hair.